Mike’s Mailbag: What Fuels YOUR Grind?

Full disclosure… I should be “working” right now but frankly, this is more important.

The last time I wrote an article was six months ago from the driver’s seat of my car, 1,500 feet above the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Inverness, Nova Scotia. I slept in my car that night as I was in between accommodation arrangements. Well, that night and another five after that.


Full article here: What Fuels YOUR Grind?

Quote of the Week: “We tend to steer our lives in the direction of the lessons we need to learn.” – Don Campbell

Song of the Week: “Midnight in Harlem” – The Tedeschi Trucks Band

Let’s Unite in the Grind,


Ps – if you’re interested in trying some freshly roasted 4th Line Grind beans, you can order online here: https://4thlinegrind.ca/buy-for-home. Free delivery in Calgary, to Edmonton and I’m offering free shipping to Toronto next week!

Instagram: 4th.line.grind.coffee


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