Hi, I’m Mike. Also known as Wilkesy to many.

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What started out four years ago as a small weekly e-mail to a few friends and colleagues on Tuesday morning’s evolved into a larger, slightly more structured Friday morning note. Then, after an entire Christmas holiday day spent in a Starbucks (and nearly throwing my computer in the garbage), I created something that vaguely resembled a website with the domain name, http://www.mikesmailbag.org.

Fast forward through the past 15 months of me leaving my corporate job in Calgary, driving across Canada and the United States, making a living off caddie tips at the #1 course in the land, and trying my hand at two entrepreneurial ventures, it’s time to get back on the saddle.

I’m back but having lived a lot more life. Tears, elation, freedom from 9-5 life, failed ventures, bruises to my ego, lessons learned the hard way, it’s all in there. Some experiences lodged deeper than others.

Through all of the good and bad, I’ve tried to maintain some element of stoicism and lean into the adage “Amor Fati” which translated from Latin means “Love of Fate”. Essentially, viewing and accepting all life events (both good and bad) as necessary and part of the human experience. There is no good and bad, it’s merely perspective.

I don’t write because I’m an expert or master of any domain. I write to connect and share my experiences. There is something to be said for engaging in the collective experience. Learning from others own unique tales and tribulations. Whether that be through leaving a comment, writing an e-mail, setting up a phone call, sharing a coffee / beer / glass of wine; to me, this is where all the juice is in life. Learning to be vulnerable with one another so that we can harvest the shitty parts of life into lessons learned, new successes and genuine fulfillment.

If you’re one of these people, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome Aboard,