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Hi, I’m Mike. Also known as Wilkesy to many.

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Some people ask me why I write my Mailbag? How do I find the time? How do I find articles?

Well, the truth is two-fold:

i) Like anything you genuinely care about and enjoy doing, you find or make time to do it.

ii) The purpose of my Mailbag has evolved over the years to what it is now. What started out three years ago as a small weekly e-mail to a few friends and colleagues on Tuesday morning’s evolved into a larger, slightly more structured Friday morning note. Many of my friends were scattered across the country so this was my way of staying in touch with them. After a year where I went 51 weeks of 52 getting a Mailbag out, things gained a bit of momentum over that time. Then, after an entire Christmas holiday day spent in Starbucks (and nearly throwing my computer in the garbage), I created something that vaguely resembled a website with the domain name http://www.mikesmailbag.org.

But why?

We live in the information age. More information than we could ever process is at our fingertips 24/7/365. However, much of it is frankly garbage. Prescriptive lists on exactly how you should live your life. Sexy headlines that bait people into clicking so someone profits off their click. 140 character or less tweets that reward whoever is first to the punch rather than placing the emphasis on quality, fact checked perspectives.

Unfortunately, the world takes much of this garbage as fact and becomes very polarized in their views. In my opinion, this hasn’t served us well.

What did Aristotle famously say? “It is the mark of an educated man to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

That’s what Mike’s Mailbag is all about. Seeing life’s struggles and triumphs from a different lens. All the while creating a community of readers who ARE willing to engage in a fruitful, thought-provoking conversation.

Much of my writing and content sharing is rooted in personal and professional development. This kind of stuff gets me going! The power of mentorship, the power of creating personal systems and adding layers of accountability in your life, learning how to sharpen your shovel in life so you can really dig it!

I want to emphasize one point in bold. I don’t write because I think I’m an expert or master of any domain. I write because I truly think in life “the juice is worth the squeeze” but it can be damn difficult at times to find the strength and conviction in yourself to really squeeze life for all its worth. We’ve all been there. However, if we’re willing to be vulnerable and engage with one another, we truly can connect with one another in a meaningful manner.

So, here’s to meaningful conversation as the juice really is worth the squeeze!



27. Youthful spirited, old soul. Lover of sport, music, adventure and meeting new people. Born and raised Albertan. Attended university in the Maritimes. Always have my backpack ready for an adventure. Hence, why I’m currently traveling across Canada to live on Cape Breton Island for the 2017 summer.