Coffeetalk: Episode 4 with Dr. Rick Nason

Dr. Nason and I first met when myself and two other Dal classmates walked into his office five odd years ago to pitch him on the prospects of us starting the Dalhousie Investment Society (DALIS) and him championing our cause at the Faculty level. I won't use exact words but he basically go told us … Continue reading Coffeetalk: Episode 4 with Dr. Rick Nason

Coffeetalk: Episode 3 With Chris Snoyer

Chris and I met on the flag football field at Dalhousie. Fast forward 6 years and ~300 pints later, here he is on Coffeetalk... Mike: You recently left your corporate job in downtown Toronto to become an entrepreneur. Tell us a little more about your new ventures… Chris: Well, what was once a few ventures … Continue reading Coffeetalk: Episode 3 With Chris Snoyer

Coffee Talk

What is Coffee Talk? Coffee Talk is a bi-weekly subsection of Mike's Mailbag where I plan on interviewing a friend, colleague, family member, industry leader, heck maybe even a total stranger, because they have something interesting to say or a compelling story to tell. The interviews will take place in many forms depending on what … Continue reading Coffee Talk