The Foundational “5 C’s”

  • Content – Solely focus on creating and sharing good content. No pleas for readership. Content is king.
  • Connection – In the digital age we live in, we’re more technologically connected than ever. However, from an interpersonal perspective and giving presence to those around us, we’re more disconnected than ever. My intent is that Mike’s Mailbag can be a medium to convey thought and fruitful discussion.
  • Character Building – We all need to “put in the work” to live a meaningful life with intrinsic fulfillment. However, this work is not easy and requires a great deal of courage. The Mailbag can be a good starting point to provoke thought and build the courage necessary to crush life on your own terms.
  • Community – Introverted or extroverted, we all need community. A place of belonging which becomes increasingly difficult as we get older and have less free time to engage in leisurely activities / clubs / associations / teams. Community cannot be bought and must be built brick by brick, word by word.
  • Creativity – Some, but not all career paths, rob us of much needed creativity in life. Writing is one of my creative outlets.