2015 Year in Review: Top 10 “Thought Provoking” Pieces

1. Wanderers – The Most Amazing 3 Minute Clip You’ll Ever Watch
2. Stuart Scott – Gone But Never Forgotten
3. Oprah’s Perspective on Tackling Life
4. The Chinese Farmer
5. 100% Accountability. 0% Excuses.
6.  A Sign That Every Interesting Cafe Should Have…
7. Selfie Sticks: What Is Wrong With People?
8. Matthew McConaghey Speech: Keep Chasin’
9. Harvard MBA Commencement Speech: The Next Obama?
10. Strong Is What You Have When You’ve Used Up All Your Weak

*Wilcard Selection: [Excerpt I wrote in Week 50] With 2015 nearing a close and 2016 right around the corner, I’d like to take a second to explore the notion of introducing a certain element of inconvenience into our lives. You might say “whoa, hold on, why would I want to do that” but hear me out…

You see, the more cushy and comfortable we make things for ourselves, the easier it is to take the easy road and retreat back to bad habits and tendencies. Conversely, the more we push ourselves outside of our bubbles of comfort, the more zest and energy we will derive from life as a result of keeping things fresh. To some, it might be taking the stairs up to the office every morning instead of the elevator to get the juices flowing. To others, a 6am spin class on Monday mornings to start their week or 50 pushups before bed every night. Perhaps it’s as simple as saying hello to five strangers a day to see if the conversation goes anywhere.

Inconvenience isn’t easy but can be worth it when in the right dosage and tackled head on. As one of my mentors always tells me, “Mike – Intention does not equal performance. Structure is key to get results.

With that in mind, what elements of inconvenience do you mix into your life or aspire to in 2016?


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