Mike’s Mailbag: Week 10, 2016

Buenos Dias Amigos,

We’ve got a jam packed edition rolling into town this week, headlined by a new Coffeetalk segment with my friend and world renowned investment mind, David Darst. To this day, David is the most fascinating and captivating human being I have ever had the privilege of knowing. His mind truly operates on another level and I couldn’t be more excited to share his knowledge and wisdom with Mailbag readers this week so let’s get rockin’!

  • Chill Out, Your Future Doesn’t Even Exist by Chris Ackroyd. This article has a similar theme and context to it as the one I wrote last week (In Life – There Is No Recipe For Success), about finding or creating your way. If you feel a little lost or wondering which direction you’re heading, take a deep breath and check out this great perspective piece courtesy of Chris.
  • This is a crazy article about the man, the myth, the beauty flow legend – Jaromir Jagr – about how he just keeps on ticking. If you don’t have a Wall Street Journal subscription, just paste this link into Google search (or google The NHL’s 44 Year Old Enigma) and it should open for you without a subscription. Thanks Dubs for the share on this one!
  • Here is your laugh for the week courtesy of Jojo The Parrot… And it’s pretty good 🙂

Song of The Week: It’s a real knee knockin’, hip shakin’ groove so best get your dancin’ shoes on… Bang Bang to the Rock n’ Roll – Gabin

Quote of The Week: Quote this week is coming in the form of an Instagram post below…

No Mailbag next week as I’ll be cat skiing in BC. Hope you all have an awesome weekend and week ahead!

Til’ Next Time,





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