Aloha Amigos,

I’m very excited to announce that going forward, you will be receiving a paper copy of Mike’s Mailbag via carrier pigeon every Friday morning, circa 1983.

Terrible jokes aside, going forward, if you’d still like to receive Mike’s Mailbag each week, you’ll have to hop over to www.mikesmailbag.org and type in your e-mail address into the “subscribe” box (upper right-hand corner or bottom of any page). By doing so, you will still receive a Friday morning e-mail each week! And it will just help to streamline a few processes on my end, which is key as my life is about to get a little busier…

Reason being, I am moving back to Calgary full-time on June 6th into a Sales/Business Development role with Ferus. I am very excited to transition into a new role, with a new team, and on the front lines of an industry that is so vital to Alberta’s livelihood. To all of you whom I’ve tried to keep in touch with while I’ve been “away”, I’m genuinely excited to rekindle conversation over an ice cold adult beverage, preferably on a patio. And to those who have made my 9-month journey across Alberta such a great experience, both personally and professionally, I say thank you and this is by no means a goodbye, just a see ya’ later.

I suppose I should pass along one article for you to read this week and in the spirit of major life transitions, here is a thought provoking read “The Career Advice I Wish I Had at 25” by Shane Rodgers. This is not a preachy article, just a genuine reflection of lessons learned over the course of a successful career by a fellow whom I know absolutely nothing about. Bullet #12 is sure a cool little anecdote from JFK!

I really hope all of you will take ten seconds out of your day today to hit subscribe on https://mikesmailbag.org as I genuinely look forward to you dropping by every Friday!

Song of the Week: “Wild Child” – Kenny Chesney.

Quote of the Week: “Oh the places you’ll go. There’s fun to be done. Points to be scored. Games to be won. On you will go will the weather be foul. On you will go though your enemies prowl. Onward up a frightening creek, though your arms may get sore and your sneakers may leak. On and on and I know you’ll hike far and face up to your problems, whatever they are. Will you succeed? Yes you will, 98 and ¾ % guaranteed.” – Dr. Seuss

Your Friend,



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