Mike’s Mailbag: Learning to Ride a Bike… Backwards!

Sorry folks, third time is a charm, right! I really don’t know what happened both times previously pressing “post”…

Have a great weekend!

  1. If you’re someone who appreciates genuine, thought-provoking content (I’m assuming that’s why you subscribe to this), as opposed to prescriptive lists that litter the Internet, my friend – Chris Ackroyd – just launched a new site for you called Life in Questions! I was super pumped to be one of the inaugural contributors to this community of open-minded, engaged thinkers and listeners. I’ve featured Chris’ awesome outlook on life many times in my Mailbag, including naming his article “Don’t Care About People. Care For People” as my #1 article of 2015!
  2. This is a really cool clip called “The Backwards Bicycle“… Definitely worth the watch about rewiring your brain!
  3. The third article of the week is by a university friend of mine, Chloe, who is an incredible writer and grammarian. This is not a new post of hers but one that stands the test of time. Do you know what an “ascended master” is? I didn’t either. But once Chloe introduced the concept to me in her writing, it really made me think and ponder if any have entered/exited my life in my 26 years of living… Perhaps next time you and I sit down for coffee or a beer, let’s exchange stories about whether we’ve encountered any “ascended masters” in our lifetime!
  4. How Wolves Change Rivers“… Very cool video. David Attenborough bringing it once again!
  5. I’m capping off this edition with a trio of awesome videos:
    • Nike “Unlimited Future” commercial – power to the babies!
    • Elite 11 Quarterback Camp – This football camp is all kinds of awesome. And it’s a sneak peak at the next Peyton Manning’s of the world when they’re only entering their senior year of high school. It’s comprised of the top 18 quarterback prospects in the country. Notable alumni include: Andrew Luck, Matthew Stafford, Teddy Bridgewater, Tim Tebow / Matt Leinart / Vince Young (questionable NFL players but college superstars).
    • One of the funniest interviews you’ll see all year… An 11 year old doesn’t hold back interviewing Rory McIlroy!

Song of the Week: We’re rolling back the clocks to 1968 with the bandĀ that made Janis Joplin famous – Big Brother & The Holding Company. Here they are with their classic hit, Piece of My Heart!

Quote of the Week: He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever. – Chinese Proverb

Stay Humble But Hungry,



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