Mike’s Mailbag: If You Can’t Find a Nice Person. Be a Nice Person!

Good Morning Mis Amigos!

Let’s get our week started off inspired and on the right foot!

1. Jeff Weiner – CEO of LinkedIn

These two clips were home runs for me. Some great perspective that resonated on a few levels. While I am a fiercely independent person at this juncture, when I look at life in the grand scheme, what Jeff found is the ultimate.

2. Tim Ferriss – The Master of the Experiment

Whether you agree with Tim or not on his often unconventional views, he is a very interesting guy. I loved this interview he did at Google on “How to Cage the Monkey Mind” and thought you might enjoy it!

3. Motion vs. Action – James Clear

“Motion is when you’re busy doing something, but that task will never produce an outcome by itself. Action, on the other hand, is the type of behavior that will get you a result.”

This is an awesome read. Take action and read this article!

4. Conan O’Brian – Opening Monologue @ 2016 NFL Honors Awards

The whole monologue is funny but it gets really good around the 8:20 mark… He absolutely nails the player comparisons!

5. Planet Earth 2 – David Attenborough

Coming soon to our TV’s -> Holy smokes, this is going to be cool. Thank you, Sir David!

Song of the Week: This song of the week is throwing all kinds of Roberto Osuna-esque high heat… Turn it up -> “Reelin” by Iration. Or try a more chilled out live version in their Backyard Sessions

Quote of the Week: Success is achieving objectives we have established in advance. Anything else is by chance or serendipity… The most successful people live their lives on purpose. They don’t sit around waiting to see what might happen next.” – Tony Jeary

Go Jays!



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